The interest of the Italian Brethren to Mark Masonry dates back to many years ago. Already in the 80s the Brethren of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy (at the time belonging to the Grand Orient of Italy) were advanced in the English Mark Lodges. Over the years many Italian Brethren of the R.G.L.I. have become Members of Mark English Lodges (MMM – Mark Master Masons) and Mariners of Royal Ark (RAM – Royal Ark Mariners). In particular, the Londoner Lodges “Ethical no. 458″ and “Italy no. 1467” welcomed the Italian brethren, who were distinguished in those Lodges up to chair them as Worshipful Masters.The decisive date, which led to the establishment of Mark Lodges in Italy, was June 23th, 2003, when Fabio Venzi, Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy, was advanced in the “Ethical no. 458” Lodge in London. Since then, thanks to the enthusiasm of Fabio Venzi and many Italian Brethren belonging to the English Mark Lodges, the way for the establishment of the Mark Lodges in Italy was unstoppable.

In October 2007, a group of Brethren of the “Ethical no. 458” Lodge, headed by Fabio Venzi, met John Brackley, Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales and its Districts and Lodges Overseas (GLMMM) and was thus planned the establishment of the first Mark Lodge in Italy. The petition, signed by 46 brethren, was formally handed over to the Grand Secretary John Brackley on the 3rd March 2008, at the Installation Meeting of the “Ethical no. 458” Lodge, which was attended by numerous Italian Brethren.

On 26 July 2008, at the Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi in Rome, in the presence and with the assistance of 13 English Grand Officers, was consecrated the “Pico della Mirandola Lodge” of Mark Master Masons with the distinctive number “1896”. Benjamin Addy, who was the Assistant Grand Master of GLMMM, presided over the ceremony as an Officer Consecrator, Graham Herbert was responsible for the direction of the works as Grand Director of Ceremonies, Reverend Michael Snowball, Grand Chaplain, delivered the oration, and John Brackley, Grand Secretary, read the Bull of Foundation.

The establishment of the District of Italy was an important step for the further development of Mark Masonry in Italy. The autonomy of the District, even within the membership of the GLMMM has allowed a greater agility essential to spread widely the Mark and the RAM in Italy.
The way followed in these years is becoming more consolidated, and the Mark Masonry in Italy is becoming more and more present, focusing the attention of so many Brethren who feel the need to deepen their knowledge of Freemasonry, as well as the Craft and the preparation for the Royal Arch.